सोमवार, 29 मार्च 2010

जानवर और इन्सान -गिरीश नागडा

One life
An animal / a person
Animals / Nirih, muke, and helpless.
Cut, leather half
Shopkeeper hung
in the market of human
For human hunger.
Human / world peace, Biswbndhutw
Nonviolence love, compassion
Unfathomable ocean of emotions
Ah! Sea
Sea / Gagr
Gagr / ocean.
One killed one animal / one person
Flowing blood, body Tdfdata
Blood red and
Cut the pain
Both have one, but
One for tears
The second is for
A cruel smile.
One killed /one animal / one person
OH! human liver /
How rock, hard, cruel
Criticism, abuse,punishment
Hi animal liver /
So tasty, tasty and excellent
Kripadristi, prasansa, and Puruskar.

Man / who ate
Has betrayed him
Animals / who ate or eaten
Gave him supreme.
Animals is the Animal
Animals / violence, Vhshipana, Ashisnuta
Animals / no order, no culture no manners
Animals / no ghosts, no present or future
Animals / no history, no civilization, no culture
Animals /no anything / but everything
Human / Everything / Everything
But nothing
Frivolous, Kritagn and naked.
Dr. Girish Nagda (girish.nagda@yahoo.com)

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